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Arka Engineering Group was founded in 2008 targeting construction market, specifically construction chemicals, geosynthetics and other engineered technologies. Arka relying on its highly experienced and dedicated experts and engineers, strives to bring extra service, quality and technology into a very busy construction market in the country. Arka founded on the principle of marrying expertise and advice with a portfolio of high quality products. Customer service was at the heart of our offering then and it is a principle we still uphold today. Based in the heart of Tehran, we deal with a global network of principals and suppliers bringing our customers the best products from around the world.

World Leading Products
You have the right to expect the high quality product from Us and that is why we are continuously monitoring the international Standards to ensure we continue to excel in quality, reliability and availability.

Expert Technical Advice
Whatever your requirements is, we have highly qualified advisors to help to ensure that you are provided with the most suitable products for the job.

How we help our Customers
At Arka we do not merely acknowledge the term ‘customer service’. All of our technical sales personnel aim to deliver continuity and to build relationships with our customers. They are industry trained professionals, fully aware of customer processes but equally aware of the commercial need to increase productivity and reduce costs where appropriate.


  Free consultation
24/7 Technical support and Service. Text us


Cooperation icon  Collaboration with students and researchers

Arka’s research and development department with a Dedicated and well-educated team is ready to collaborate with students and researchers in form of research activities.


project icon  Site visit all around the country
Free site visit and in site advisery free survey with no obligation by our experts


catalog icon  Free sample & catalogue service
Free samples & catalogues



Arka’s policy standing on four columns of competency, client-orientation, quality service and sustainability. Within entire business & service interactions, Arkamen are requested, obliged and committed to ensure to provide a bespoke service for our great customers. At arka we are not just looking for sales-driven professionals but also dedicated project managers to guarantee the success. Managers with their eyes on every details at every stages from inception to completion.

The demand for environmentally responsible and relevant building products is growing rapidly. Building owners, Architects, contractors and building occupants want products made with chemicals that have low to no toxicity and which at the end of the product lifecycle are used to create new products and/or materials. As we daily seek to fulfil our Corporate Mission to become a “National Leader provider of building products and services”, following our vision, “providing products that make buildings better”.



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Arka either as Manufacurer or supplier, always is obliged to emply latest method and technologies in the world of civil engineering. Arka’s manufacturing plant established in 2010 to provide high-end and high-tech solutions along with a meticulous know-how.

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Nowadays engineering design plays a pivotal role in every industry to ensure its success. Design is a starting point of many engineering processes and its impact on most engineering jobs in a company is clearly visible. From the specification desigeners in construction industry to the (more…)

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By providing and supply of high-end and hightech products and solutions from reputable national and global manufacturers, Arka will facilitate the process of access and availability of products for clients. Arka’s executives have come up with valuable experiences and full (more…)

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Partnership in

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Export
  • Import

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Arka has the ability and capability to apply and implement the supplied products. Executive and application teams are divided into the following categories and groups: (more…)

Research & Development

Research & Development

Technology and innovation in every country is much dependant on the research and development activities that lead to economic growth as a vital driving force behind the (more…)

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  • Construction chemicals
  • Geosynthetics
  • Polyurea
  • Fireproofs
  • Intumescent paint

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  • Construction chemicals
  • Geosynthetics
  • Polyurea
  • Fireproofs
  • Intumescent paint

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Arka is proud of its experienced and well educated engineers from different areas and industries come together to present their best of knowledge and provide free consultation and advice for customers.



Eng. baqeri

Designing Manager

Designing Manager


Eng. Abdi

Technical Sapport

Technical Sapport Geo


Dr. Imani

Commercial Manager

commercial manager


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address icon    Unit 9, bldg No 1107, majidiye street, Resalat highway, Tehran

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